Your Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Tip:

​Increase Your Living Water

Are you ready for more pleasure, joy, and aliveness in your life? Here’s a simple tip: Hydrate with living water!

When we’re hydrated, we’re healthier on many levels. Living water found in fruits and vegetables, like cucumber slices and fresh cherries, provides vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that make the water more bioavailable for your cells. This means healthier, more radiant skin!

During the Liver Rescue Cleanse, everyone noticed significant improvements. Radiant skin, clear complexions, and an overall glow were common feedback from participants.

Want to join in? Our cleanse starts soon:

  • Introduction & Prep Call: Tuesday, June 25th
  • Cleanse Begins: Friday, July 5th

In the meantime, try adding cucumber slices, wild rose petals, lemon, or orange slices to your water. Enjoy hydrating fruits and vegetables, especially in the hotter season, for optimal hydration and vitality.

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See you next week!

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