What is Human Design?

Human Design is not about belief or religion. Human Design requires NO belief. I invite you to test this information from your Human Design session and verify for yourself if this new way, new perspective is true for you or not. It is about uncovering and living your own undeniable truth, your own unique divine human design. Human Design empowers you to become your own inner authority and as a result, more of your true and best self.

I also integrate Belief Re-Patterning in your session so that together we can clear any old beliefs or social conditioning that no longer serve you. Belief Re-Patterning also assists in uncovering where you are experiencing conflict or resistance and bringing your body, soul, mind and heart into alignment.

In Human Design and in all of my offerings, this system shifts your guidance from your mind to your body. Your body never lies. You will learn to make decisions about your life based on body mechanics that are very specific to YOU. There is NOT a one size fits all. I will empower you to understand your unique aura and authority that you were born with. You will learn to trust yourself. Only YOU can know what is best for YOU.

Who are my Human Design Coaching offerings for?

This is NOT for everyone. This process is only for those who are courageous enough and willing to be vulnerable and allow all that does not serve to be dismantled. You will learn to soar & be the co-pilot of your own unique life with the universe. This will definitely expand you beyond your comfort zone.

If you are ready to take the leap or if you are curious, then click here and email me to book your first free 15 minute consultation session with me to see if we are both a fit for each other.

With my gift as a Projector, I am here to support you in uncovering all that is not working for you in your life, all that is not serving you. I will shine my laser beam light on your unique human design and empower you to know how you are designed to live a more satisfying life. With my intuitive gift of knowing truth in the moment, I will guide you and sometimes shock you into awakening and into living the more satisfying successful pleasurable life that is your birthright to live. If you are sick and tired of being frustrated and are willing to take 100% responsibility for yourself and your life, get your FREE Human Design Chart here (by following this link): https://jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart