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Your Liberate Pleasure Breakthrough will help you to:

  • Identify what’s blocking you from being your wild free spirit self, especially the #1 limiting belief that causes you to feel shame or hopeless around your pleasure & sexuality
  • Uncover your deepest, wildest desires and dreams that you may have put on the shelf
  • Work with Vireo to come up with an INDIVIDUAL & simple plan so that you can start feeling more confident and sexy. Learn to start ‘coming’ first, and unleash pleasure in your relationship with yourself, with Source, with another…

Our Mission

 Through our Sacred Pleasure Liberation Program, we inspire & educate soulful women to:

  • Embrace their birthright to pleasure
  • Dissolve shame around their bodies, femininity & sexuality
  • Learn what they don’t even know they don’t know about their female anatomy and sexuality
  • Increase their libido in and out of the bedroom

so that they can:

  • Be in & have sexually satisfying healthy intimate relationships – starting with themselves
  • Become heroines of their own lives
  • Divorce proof their relationships
  • Live a more fulfilling multi orgasmic ecstatic life
  • Confidently contribute their unique gifts to the world

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Get a taste of how Belief Re-patterning® can transform your life during a 30-minute complimentary session with Pleasure Coach Vireo!

In your complimentary session you will:

    • Better understand ‘how’ to train your Self to think positively
    • Transform a limiting belief that is keeping you stuck
    • Learn how your autopilot subconscious brain works, and discover how to train that inner critic to be your inner cheerleader.

    If you have not experienced Belief Re-patterning to transform your thoughts, then gift yourself this complimentary 30-minute taster session.

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