Orgasmic Healing (OH)

“The pleasure of living and the pleasure of the orgasm are identical. Extreme orgasm anxiety forms the basis of the general fear of life.”

Wilhelm Reick (Jewish Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst)

[His work on the link between human sexuality and neuroses emphasized “orgastic potency” as the foremost criterion for psycho-physical health.]

I was blessed to learn Orgasmic Healing (‘OH’) in 2011 at a retreat in Hawaii. I knew immediately in every cell of my body that I would be teaching this practice, with live demonstrations, to other couples & women.

Orgasmic Healing is a sacred feminine stroking practice adapted by me from Orgasmic Meditation by Nicole Daedone of One Taste & author of “Slow Sex.” The person offering the stroking practice is fully clothed while the woman receiving the practice is nude from the waist down. This practice supports women in:

> clearing shame from their bodies

> shifting from numbness to experiencing pleasure

> increasing their capacity to experience deeper orgasm

Since 2011 I have been leading OH workshops as well as private sessions for couples as well as any man or woman who wants to learn how to offer sexual healing to another.

In summer of 2016 when I found myself single and on my own, I was determined to discover a way to offer this practice to myself rather than depend on another to provide Orgasmic Healing to me. I wanted to shift from inner neediness to wholeness within myself regardless of whether I was single or in relationship, partnership with another.

In summer 2017, I developed my own Sacred Pleasure Practice for women adapted from the partner practice. This practice combined with my Belief Re-patterning allowed me and allows you to shift from neediness to wholeness.

In March 2018 I launched “Sacred Pleasure Path Program” designed to support women in clearing shame and expanding in more pleasure, orgasm & bliss.

I am a Shakti Queen of pleasure, orgasm, ecstasy & bliss.

Are you tired of going thru the motions of life or feeling dissatisfied sexually?

Do you feel a hunger at your core that has never been satisfied?

Would you like to make love with every moment?

Would you like to feel life penetrating you open to ecstasy?

Do you yearn to be opened to God thru Sex?

Are you yearning to experience deep sacred union thru love making with your Beloved?

Do you want to be a juicy Turned On Woman all the time?

Join Vireo, “Dancing Pleasure Goddess ™” and let her open you to more aliveness, ecstasy and pleasure in your body, in your life and in your sexuality. Learn about the practice of Orgasmic Healing.

What others are saying about Orgasmic Healing:

“Dear friends, I have experienced this profoundly simple and exquisite practice with these kind, compassionate and very skilled facilitators. You have no idea how healing this is. Please do yourself and I see it, our community the favor and pleasure of getting turned on. This is a large social movement transforming lives very quickly. Honestly this is for me, a critical and huge step well worth taking. Love and respect to each.” (Jennifer Steed)

“I found the workshop to be a lot of fun and at the same time very sacred, Vireo made us all feel very comfortable and connected. The practice gave me a higher libido and helped me to orgasm more easily. I also felt more connected and appreciative of my husband.” (Shelley)