Sacred Pleasure Path Program

Sacred Pleasure Path Program (SPPP) is an online course exclusively for women.

My Course Promise to you is 13 modules to deeper fulfillment & connection to your sacred, sensual sovereign self, 100% guaranteed or your money back.

Sacred Pleasure Path Program consists of:

* 13 modules with lessons and videos
* weekly group coaching call (1 1/2 hours)
> Questions & answers (first half of call)
> Group Belief Re-patterning around sexuality & femininity (2nd half of call)
* private Facebook group for you & your Sacred Sisters

One of the biggest advantages of my SPPP is that you can participate from the comfort of your own home. In addition, the program is yours to keep & watch over & over at your own leisure and at your own pace. You are also gifted any upgrades in the course.

Another massive advantage with my SPPP is that when e-motions, shame & stuff are stirred up with the course content and sacred practices, you will have the support of weekly Belief Re-patterning to transform those beliefs that no longer serve you in the area of your femininity and sexuality.

Also, my course is the only sacred sexuality and yoni jade egg course online that includes Belief Re-patterning support. This is huge. I have taken courses in the past that left me re-traumatized when old sexual wounds were stirred up and I had no support to deal with all that was surfacing.

Instead in your Sacred Pleasure Path Program you will be held and the beliefs that no longer serve you will be easily transformed with the Belief Re-patterning group coaching sessions on the weekly calls (all of which are recorded).

Additional one-on-one coaching is also available if you would like extra support (premium package).

Course Modules (summary):

* Module 0: Welcome & Introduction
* Module 0: Daily Sacred Rituals & Practices (Foundation)
* Module 0: Power of Sacred Prayers
* Module 1: Reclaiming Your Yoni, Her Story, Her Connection, Her Sacredness & More
* Module 2 & 3: Sacred Pleasure Practice & Healing Sounds #2 Kidneys
* Module 4: Manifesting Power of Your Sexual Energy, Yoni Pleasure Pulse & Prosperity Practices
* Module 5: Forgiveness (Clearing Space for New) & Being Your Best Self
* Module 6: Our “Bells of Love” Breast & Healing Sound for Heart (Breast Massage)
* Module 7: Yoni Love, Yoni Jade Egg & Yoni Art & Sexual Reflexology & 5th Healing Sound
* Module 8: Taoist Tantric Practices for Sacred Pleasure Practice, Self Pleasuring & Yoni Jade Egg (Stairway to Heaven, Microcosmic Orbit), Breast & Nipple Orgasm
* Module 9: Clitoral Orgasm & Yoni Jade Egg Practice (Tug of Love)
* Module 10: Sacred Spot Orgasm & Yoni Jade Egg Practice (Raise the Mountain, Divine Sound HU)
* Module 11: Vaginal & Cervical Orgasms & Yoni Jade Egg Practice
* Module 12: Anal Orgasm & Yoni Jade Egg Practice (Pelvic Rock)
* Module 13: Full Body & Energy Orgasms & beyond (Be Penetrated Open by Life)

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