Private Retreats

In my Private Retreats, I custom design both Private Women’s Retreats and Couple’s Retreats.

You can either have your own custom designed private one on one retreat or you can have 3 to 5 other women of your choosing join you in your Private Women’s Retreat on location here at Amisk Lake. This is a beautiful opportunity to give yourself the tremendous gift of self care.

Private Retreats are also available for creating special celebrations to acknowledge rites of passage like:

* a significant birthday (give this gift to yourself or share it with a few close friends)

* life transition

* change in relationship (Ex: divorce, loss of partner thru death or ….)

* menopause

* embracing your sacred feminine

This is for women who want to be in nature and return to nature. The space is rustic and down to earth with composting outhouse, a simple cabin with 2 beds and space for tenting. It is a sacred very secluded space amidst tremendous beauty in nature where you can let down your hair, drop the make-up, go barefoot and even swim naked. If you prefer the luxuries of a 5 star hotel then this retreat is most definitely NOT for you.

My expertise is designing a sacred retreat for you and with you that allows & supports you to:

• be nourished body, heart, mind, spirit and soul

• be reset, rewired by nature to your original essence, true nature

• experience a weekend (or more) in paradise secluded in a cabin or tent in the boreal forest along the shores of Amisk Lake in Northern Alberta (away from civilization)

• be rejuvenated and have time away from responsibilities of your work/family life to dive deeply into your own self-love, self-care, self-forgiveness and self-pleasure

• let go of what no longer serves you (easily & leave it in the lake and forest to be transformed up to love)

• fully embody your juicy divine feminine essence

• clear away old beliefs, blocks, etc that are in your way of you being your genuine self

• experience more pleasure, more juiciness, more aliveness, more connection and deeper orgasm with yourself, with life and/or a beloved partner (husband, wife, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend)

• step into and embrace a deeper wholeness of your true self

• strengthen & balance both your inner masculine and inner feminine

• surrender to your highest awakening

• experience a Traditional Wood Burning Finnish Sauna with customized privatespa and skinny dipping in the lake

• have lots of fun, connection, laughter and pleasure while experiencing and learning some powerful transformational Taoist Tantric tools, skills, processes and more.

I meet you where you are at with my full presence, non-judgment, deep compassion, heart wide openness, authenticity, vulnerability, deep contact and more. Moment to moment my intuition guides me in your highest service, highest healing, highest transformation and highest awakening. My entire focus is on you and your unique needs. With my treasure chest that I have been gathering and adding to since 2001, I bring, in joyful service for you, a richness of gems, skills, tools and offerings from Belief Re-patterning, Taoist Tantric practices, forgiveness processes, mantras, prayer, movement, Kundalini Dance™ , custom designed ceremonies, trauma release processes, Healing Tao Qigong, communication practices, and many other nameless gifts.

Over several days, sprinkled with animal medicine, magic, love, miracles, joy, ecstasy, bliss & more, I support you in being more of your best self and in becoming empowered to come home to a deeper wholeness, your true self, your true nature, and a more solid self-love.

Shifts, healing and transformation flow easily as I have already walked this path before you and many angels have also cleared the way for us to co-create for you.

I do not offer these retreats for everyone. I only open this space for women who are willing to show up fully, to do the deep work, to expand their ability to receive and are yearning for more right now in their lives.

To see if a private women’s retreat or couple’s retreat is for you, email me at and we can set up a time to connect and see if we are a good fit for each other. At that time we can both feel in and see what is possible moving forward.

When is the last time you and your beloved/partner had a 3 day getaway focused exclusively on your relationship? If you want your relationships, partnerships, marriages to remain connected, fulfilled, romantic and more, then you need to invest time and energy into them. Do you spend more money maintaining your vehicle, personal appearance (clothing, make-up, shoes, etc) or home than you spend on your primary partnership? For your relationship to last a lifetime and possibly grow, then it might be time to invest in yourselves, in your intimacy. If you don’t care for your vehicle and maintain it, it will break down and not last. If you don’t care for your relationship with your beloved, lifetime partner, then it too will break down, lose the spark, stop flowing with love and not last.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then a private intimate Couple’s Retreat might be for you:

• Are you bored in your relationship or feeling disconnected from each other
• Are you wanting to recharge, nourish, deepen and invest in your sacred relationship?
• Are you longing for a deeper more intimate and sacred connection with your beloved?
• Are you yearning for more fulfilling connection and deeper contact?
• Are you wanting to renew your vows, your devotion of love to each other?
• Are you yearning for more multi orgasmic love-making?
• Are you wanting to have the spark reignited that was once there?
• Are you wanting to learn more communication and conflict resolution skills so you can return to love sooner after a breakdown or disconnect?
• Are you so busy with life, work, family or other responsibilities that your connection with your partner has often taken a back seat?
• Are you in that difficult place where you are not sure to stay or leave the relationship you are in?
• Are you wanting to bring more sacredness to your relationship and all of your life?
• Are you willing to learn and practice simple processes and techniques with your partner that you can integrate in your daily lives together to keep your relationship more intimate?
• Are you open and willing to learn some simple techniques, processes and skills that you can practice together at home to continue to reconnect and deepen your intimacy?
• Are you open to or interested in learning sacred sexual practices and multi orgasmic practices that can support you and your beloved in opening to the divine thru your love-making?

Perhaps you have experienced other relationship workshops that didn’t meet your needs or maybe even caused more disconnect in your partnership? Or maybe you felt that there was a lack of sacredness or the container wasn’t really safe? I understand as I have had similar experiences which is a big part of why we decided to create more private intimate customized Couple’s Retreats away from the city, nestled in the forest near the lake.

Our greatest gift and expertise that we offer is our ability to create deep sacred space for you. Click on “Praise for Vireo” to hear what others are saying about our offerings and how safe and held they felt. We are committed and devoted to creating and holding a sacred space for you and honouring your unique needs, your relationship and we will do our best to honour any of your personal requests as well.

We are here to support you and your beloved in deepening your love whether you are newly in love, been together for many years or maybe this is your second time in a marriage and you want to create a solid loving foundation with powerful practices that support you in your highest awakening together so that you may continue to grow in love with yourselves and each other.

I have a gift of empowering you to come home to your own true nature, to your bodies as sacred temples, to your love, to your divinity, to your own true self and deepest selves.

If you want, you may have included in your customized Couple’s Retreat, a private Human Design reading for both of you individually and as a couple. I highly recommend this prior to your retreat. You will learn what is not working and what is needed for your unique Human Design as well as for your partner and how you can honour both your own and each others unique Human Design. Often times, because we don’t know, we tell our partners how to be without realizing that that way is unique and valuable for us but it may not work for our partner. Your Human Design session can clear up many frustrations and disconnects as you first learn to honour your own Human Design and then create greater support and harmony for each other and together.

Again this retreat is uniquely designed to meet you and your lover’s needs and desires. We have never had two Couple’s Retreats or Orgasmic Healing Sessions be the same.

Definition of intimacy: Into- Me-See

We create a sacred space where you can see lovingly & intimately into yourselves and each other.

I will provide follow up support for after the retreat to ensure that you can embody and live the practices that you learn in your daily lives.

To see if a private women’s retreat or couple’s retreat is for you, email me at and we can set up a time to connect and see if we are a good fit for each other. At that time we can both feel in and see what is possible moving forward.

In joyful service,
Dancing Pleasure Goddess™