Laughter Yoga

In November 2016, Vireo became a certified Laughter Yoga facilitator. One of her teachers for the training, Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat (who was trained by Dr. Kataria himself), said, “Vireo you are a natural laughter blaster.” Her bubbling joyous unique laughter has always been very contagious since she was a young child. Laughter Yoga now gives Vireo permission and the credentials to share her gift with world. Laughter Yoga is one of the many ways that Vireo uses to embody her intention to bring more joy and pleasure to the world.

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is a series of movement and breathing exercises designed to stimulate laughter and cultivate an inner spirit of joy. It is a technique that invites laughter without using jokes or humour. Laughter Yoga is a blend of yoga-based deep breathing, gentle stretching, simulated laughter exercises and playful games and activities. Laughter Yoga was created in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a family physician in India who wanted to find an alternative way of treating his patients, many of whom were suffering from illness related to stress. Read more about how Dr. Kataria started Laughter Yoga.


• laughter produces endorphins in the body which are natural painkillers.

• lessens anxiety

• reduces stress

• uplifts mood

• deepens connections

• increase in aliveness

• boosts immune system

• cardio workout

• increase productivity & concentration

• lowers blood pressure

• oxygenates blood

Location: Private home near Amisk Lake & Village of Boyle in Northern Alberta, Canada (2 1/2 hrs NE of Edmonton)

Investment: by donation For details: email for address location

Vireo is also available at the corporate level to bring Laughter Yoga to your workplace, club, event or organization. As an Intuitive Life Coach since 2011 with a Masters Degree in Education as well as 15 years of teaching experience, Vireo has the ability to customize a unique session or workshop to meet the wellness needs of your organization. She can bring mindfulness as well as other gifts that she has to your business, conference or gathering.

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