Private Coaching with Vireo

The flower doesn’t wait for the insect to appear & pollinate it. The flower blossoms & the insect comes.

In this 6 session Belief Re-patterning ® Plus commitment package, using all of my skills and expertise, (from Belief Re-patterning ®, Trauma Release, Mindfulness, Taoist Practices & more) I support you in clearing away that which is not you so that you can be more of your best self. For more detailed information on Belief Re-Patterning®, go to

I am dedicated to empowering you to discover and understand firstly your own unique Human Design so that you can let go of struggle, frustration or bitterness and live a life of deeper satisfaction and witness for yourself how the Universe can orchestrate on your behalf as well. I also offer Human Design sessions for couples and families so that all your relationships can improve and become more harmonious.

For a Human Design (HD) reading, I require your date, exact time and location of birth. Once I have received this information in an email from you as well as an e-transfer, then I begin working on your chart. I invest a couple of hours in preparing a reading of your unique HD chart. At the first Skype session, which is around 1 1/2 to 2 hours, I share what is not you, what is not working in your life & what you need to do to honour your HD. I do not sugar coat things. I am very to the point. I laser beam in on every aspect of your being. I then send you off to practice, experiment and test for yourself whether there is truth in what I have shared regarding your HD. About 3 weeks later, we have a follow up session in which you share your results of your HD test experiment and together we fine tune and clarify your HD so you can create a more harmonious life, know for yourself that the Universe is orchestrating on your behalf. At this point because you will have a better understanding of your HD, I will share more pertinent detailed information regarding your HD and how you can live more in harmony with your unique design.

Click here to learn about “My Personal Story of Human Design”.

What is Human Design? Click here to find out.

Together we co-design a unique individually tailored 3 month program for you that honours your Human Design and supports you in your highest awakening. You decide what area of your life you want to transform. This is only for those brave enough to look deep into what is not working and who are willing to take 100% responsibility for their lives and choices. Is there an area of your life that you are experiencing a challenge, struggle, frustration, dissatisfaction or pain?

In this 3 month personalized program, together we identify the biggest problem, frustration, struggle or disharmony in one area of your life that is holding you back from living your life fully (self esteem, relationships, health, wealth, family, career, finances etc).

Some of the Benefits:

Ø Transform problem into gift, lesson, insight.
Ø Peeling back the layers of who you are not (thoughts, beliefs, opinions) and unveiling who you are, in harmony with your unique Human Design.
Ø Uncovering obstacles that have held you back from living your life fully, especially in relationships.
Ø Experience more pleasure, joy, playfulness
Ø Clearing trauma in body. (The body never lies. All pain & suffering is the body crying out for attention, for healing.)
Ø Feel more energized, confident, authentic, alive…
Ø Bringing in qualities for your highest awakening and living and honouring your Human Design.
Ø Be more of your best & highest self

This program is NOT for you if:

Ø you want to remain a victim
Ø you want to continue complaining

This program is for YOU if you just want more aliveness and feminine flow in your life or if you say ‘yes’ to any of the following:

Ø are struggling, stuck or keep finding yourself in the same shit over and over again
Ø are sick and tired of going thru the motions of life like a robot or the living dead
Ø keep repeating the same old patterns in relationships with your significant other (husband, wife, lover, beloved, boyfriend, girlfriend….)
Ø are unhappy in your relationship with yourself
Ø are dissatisfied in your primary relationship with your beloved/partner/mate (whether heterosexual or lesbian)
Ø feel like you don’t know who you are anymore (or maybe you have never known who YOU are)
Ø feel overwhelmed
Ø feel like quitting or checking out (maybe even killing yourself)
Ø are suffering deeply on the inside even though you may appear like all is well outwardly and you put on a good show and look good on the outside for others
Ø feel like no matter how hard you try, your life doesn’t seem to change or get better or not enough to make a significant difference
Ø are sick of sacrificing your own joy and happiness for others, at your own expense
Ø feel like you lost yourself when you became a parent or when you joined in marriage
Ø have experienced traumas that are still affecting you now, years later, especially traumas related to a vehicle accident, death, loss, sexual abuse or suicide of a loved one in your life
Ø want to stop being a victim in your life
Ø are willing and ready to face your fears, old programing and old beliefs that don’t serve you anymore (with support of course)
Ø are coachable
Ø are serious about being responsible for and changing your life

Yes I want it all! This is a 9+ month personally tailored program for your highest awakening to your sacred feminine and your very best self! You receive all of the benefits of the above programs.

This is ONLY for women who are ready to step up 100% and who want it all and more!

I will empower you to transform every area of your life!

You will be your authentic self.

You will experience deeper connection with everyone and everything.

You will transform your entire life from turned off to turned on, turned on to turned up!

Most of our challenges and struggles have many layers that we have accumulated with repeating patterns over top of social conditioning, over decades of our lives. With a Master’s Degree in Education, success empowering women since 2008, over a decade of coaching couples and a wealth of life experiences, I have learned that it is vital to approach any challenge ‘w’holistically, from many different perspectives and until transformation is complete in that one area. This means that I will do you a disservice if I offer you only single sessions. We will have uncovered and stirred up a problem only to leave you with an open wound. I am dedicated to your highest transformation and designing a unique program that fits and supports your highest awakening. I highly recommend that you begin by booking a Human Design session followed by a custom package of Belief Re-Patterning sessions.