Kundalini Dance

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. Life is about learning to dance in the rain.

What is Kundalini Dance™?
Kundalini Dance™ is a healing transformative ecstatic form of dance developed by my teacher Leyolah Antara Decker in 1992 (www.kundalinidance.com).

Kundalini Dance™ combines breath, sound and spontaneous movement. It allows you to:

• Reclaim your power
• Open your body as love
• Purify your emotional body
• Awaken higher consciousness
• Integrate positive life change

In Kundalini Dance™ sessions we focus on a different chakra in the body each week over a 9 session program. Each chakra corresponds to a different aspect of your life.

I was introduced to Kundalini Dance™ in January 2007 and knew immediately that I was to learn it and teach it. I signed up for the teacher training immediately and became a Certified Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator in May 2008. Ever since then, I have been leading this transformative dance in Alberta and on occasion in BC when the Universe calls.

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Check out ‘upcoming events’ for ongoing classes in Northern Alberta (Amisk Lake & Boyle area) as well as monthly sessions in Edmonton, Alberta.

Find out what others are saying about Kundalini Dance™ & Vireo.

“Vireo’s Kundalini Dance class offers an opportunity for celebration, growth, healing and connection inwardly and outwardly. I recommend this class highly for anyone who is drawn to liberation and bliss. This class and Vireo’s work carried me forward and supported me on my journey towards wholeness.”

Christine Carter, M.D.

  • Learn how to breathe more consciously
  • Clear sexual trauma from the cellular memory in my body
  • Get out of your head and be more deeply in your body
  • Be more in the present moment
  • Open to more pleasure in your body
  • Expand your ability to experience deeper full body orgasm
  • Become more of your feminine self
  • Embrace the shadow
  • Soften into your feminine
  • Receive the masculine
  • Cultivate intuition
  • Surrender the heart open
  • Reclaim your power & truth
  • Care for the soul
  • Purify stagnant emotional energy
  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Gain insight & clarity
  • Open fully as love
  • Trust your body
  • Awaken higher consciousness
  • Integrate positive life change
  • Create community connection
  • Heal
  • Align your mind and body with your soul’s knowing
  • Become empowered
Private Customized Kundalini Dance™ Gatherings

Private customized Kundalini Dance™ gatherings for women are also available especially for women in the areas of Edmonton or Northern Alberta. Examples of uniquely designed gatherings:

• deepen connection for your women’s group (heart chakra focus)
• book club on women’s sexuality (sacral sex chakra) ~ books:“Pussy A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer or “Vagina” by Naomi Wolf
• an alternative for a stagette (sacral chakra to celebrate your sexuality or crown chakra – opening to bliss thru the sacred union, sacred marriage of the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine)
• recognition & celebration of a life change such as menstruation, birthday, marriage, divorce, menopause, etc

Corporate Offerings

Vireo is also available at the corporate level to bring Kundalini Dance or a customized movement practice to your workplace, club, event, conference, retreat or organization. As an Intuitive Life Coach since 2008 with a Masters Degree in Education as well as 15 years of teaching experience, Vireo has the ability to customize a unique session, morning movement practice or workshop to meet the wellness needs of your organization.

For example: if you have concepts or ideas that you need your employees to learn, she will incorporate them into a fun movement practice that will support your staff in embodying and integrating their learning at the cellular level. Also Vireo can bring mindfulness and Belief Re-patterning as well as other gifts that she has to your business, conference or gathering.

Click here to send an email and request a time to have a conversation with Vireo about hiring her for your corporate needs.