Public Speaking Engagements

Since 2013 Vireo has been offering seminars in her home province of Alberta, Canada. The following seminars have been live in-person as well as on webinars:

• 3 Mistakes Women Make that Keep them Dull, Drained & Disconnected ~ Come Away with 3 Ways to Feel More Alive, Vibrant & Juicy

• 6 Mistakes the Women Make that Increase their Stress & Risks of Disease (especially breast & ovarian cancers) ~ Learn 6 ways to Be Preventative!

• Disappointed, dissatisfied or disconnected in your relationships – find out why & discover how to experience deeper satisfaction, connection & fulfillment!

Vireo is passionate about women’s health and their intimate relationships, especially related to their pleasure and sexuality.

“Your gift is where your wound is”. Robert Bly

Vireo has shared many video blogs as well as chapters for her book on a variety of topics, some of which are listed below. It would be her delight and pleasure to speak at your event on anyone of these topics:

• Women’s Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health

• Women’s Self Care (“The High Cost of Low Self Care”)

• Women’s Sexuality (“What is the difference between climax & orgasm?”)

• From Advisories in Divorce to Allies & Friendship (how she transformed the relationship with her x-husband from adversarial to friendly)

• Forgiveness & Compassion

• Healing After Loss of Loved One from Suicide

• Spirituality & the Healing Power of Prayer

• Sacred Union

• Laughter as Medicine

• Holistic Health & Healing with Food (green smoothies)

With a Masters in Education, 15 years of teaching experience, over 8 years of coaching women, a certification as a Laughter Yoga Facilitator, a certification as a Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator as well as a certification as a Sacred Femininity Teacher with Tao Tantric Arts, Vireo has the expertise to weave together her many gifts and create a hands on kinesthetic workshop and unique experience for your event or group. She loves creating offerings and experiences that are tailored to your unique needs and group. We all learn better by doing and being rather than sitting and listening.

Vireo is currently working toward her certification in Universal Healing Tao Qigong as well as her certification in Belief Re-Patterning in 2017 and possibly Layla Martin’s Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification in 2018.

Seminar for Nurturing Women, especially Moms:

“3 Mistakes Nurturing Women Make That Keep Them Dull, Drained & Disconnected”
In this seminar which Vireo has been offering since 2012 as a live in-person event as well as online webinar, you not only learn the mistakes that keep you dull, drained and disconnected but you also come away with 3 ways to live a more juicy, fulfilled and connected life. You will leave turned on to life and your own juiciness!

Seminar for Women's Health (especially women's sexual organs):

“6 Mistakes the Women Make that Increase their Stress & Risks of Disease (especially breast & ovarian cancers) ~
In this seminar that Vireo has been offering since 2017 both as a live seminar and online webinar, you will not only learn the mistakes to avoid, that increase your stress and risks of disease, you will also learn 6 ways to be more calm as well as preventative, especially regarding breast cancer, ovarian cancer, fibroids and all ailments related to women’s health! This is a very practical hands on participatory event that you will be invited to fully experience in your own body, as Vireo shares and teaches you ancient Taoist practices.

Seminar - From Frustration to Satisfaction

“Disappointed, dissatisfied or disconnected in your life or in relationships? Find out why and discover how to experience deeper satisfaction, connection and fulfillment!”
In this seminar and online webinar Vireo, a self proclaimed Tantrika, shares her expertise and wealth of experience in the area of intimate relationships and sacred sexuality. You will learn how to stop feeling disappointed, dissatisfied or disconnected in your intimate relationships as well as discover how to experience deeper satisfaction, more intimate connection and greater fulfillment whether you are currently in a long term relationship, newly married or single and looking to attract a committed intimate partner.

Seminar regarding Women's Self Care:

“The High Cost of Low Self Care”
This is a live webinar that Vireo has been offering since 2017. As women, most of us suck at self-care, and not only are we paying a high price to our emotional, mental and physical health but it is at an even higher detriment and cost to our children, our communities, the health care system, the world and future generations. It is time to redefine selfishness and then view selfishness as a responsibility! In this seminar you will learn the high price you have been paying for not taking care of yourself. You will learn why you need to make your own personal self care the most important priority in your life and practical how to strategies to start right now.