About Vireo

I, Vireo, Dancing Pleasure Goddess™, am an expert on supporting women to become empowered. Since 2008, I have supported and served hundreds of women in freeing themselves from lifelong patterns of self-sabotage to self-love, from shame to pleasure, from depression to freedom of expression, from sexual trauma to sexual healing, from feelings of not enough to deep self-acceptance, from struggle to thriving, from frustration to satisfaction, from unfulfilling sex to ecstatic orgasmic sacred union.

As a Belief Specialist and Intuitive Coach, trained by Suze Casey, the founder of Belief Re-Patterning, I have a treasure chest overflowing with gems of wisdom and transformative tools, waiting to support you in becoming more of your best self.

One of my gifts is creating safe and sacred space where women of all shapes, sizes and ages, feel safe to be themselves and share openly some of their deepest fears, hurts, worries, darkest secrets, desires and more.

Connect with me so that you can take the first step toward coming home more deeply to yourself.

Vireo & Belief Repatterning

When I was introduced to Belief Re-Patterning in May 2017, I immediately knew that it was a powerful tool for more positive self talk and for women's empowerment. I claimed it right away to increase my own confidence and to clear away blocks so that I could be more of my best self.

I have been trained & am currently being trained by the founder of Belief Re-Patterning, Suze Casey.

You can find my bio on the Belief Re-patterning website.

July 8 to 10th, 2017, at my first Belief Re-Patterning weekend (“Flip My Switch”), I had a huge release and personal transformation. I was able to let go of feeling responsible for the suicide of my older brother. I felt so much lighter. My mom, who joined me for the weekend, began the process of letting of guilt and shame that she had been holding on to for over 25 years since my eldest brother’s death, her son’s suicide. These shifts shed much light on some unhealthy patterns that I easily let go of. I was able to embrace the belief that I am only responsible for my own life. Freedom!

On and off for several decades I had been experiencing extreme panic, anxiety and flight/freeze in certain life situations. In October 2017, Belief Re-Patterning allowed me to firstly uncover and understand the old belief that had kept me safe in the past. Secondly, it allowed me to transform fear of being unsafe to knowing that I am secure in my authenticity and able to lovingly say ‘no’ when I want. Lastly, the inner conflict dissolved, I am now in alignment body, soul, mind, heart and spirit around my authenticity and ability to set healthier boundaries.

Vireo & Human Design

Discovering my own Human Design in 2016, I received a large piece of the puzzle that had been missing in my life. Knowing my Human Design as a projector, allowed me to know with clarity what wasn't working in my life, what would never work for me and how to live more according to my Human Design. Since the moment I decided to honour and live my Human Design, my life has been flowing even more harmoniously and abundantly with joy, pleasure, synchronicity, and miracles. I see evidence daily of the Universe orchestrating on my behalf.

In addition, learning the Human Design of my children, their father, my parents, my siblings, my close friends and my beloved, has helped me to better understand as well as better support those I love.

Vireo’s Human Design Chart

Projector At Your Service
As a Projector with the path of individualism, I am here to be empowered as my individual authentic unique self & show people what that looks like. I am a guide of energy for generators (70% of population). I wait to be invited, when you recognize me, to share what I know.

As a projector with splenic awareness, I operate BEFORE thought. I am designed to vibrate in the now. I speak truth in the now. With my intuition, I am a lighthouse for others.

I am here to show you what is not working for you & what is working for you in your unique divine human design. My body takes in your energy, laser beams in as a surgeon of human mechanics. I have the channel of knowing bullshit and am here to speak truth about what isn't aligned, especially authority.

My body lights up when something is good for humanity and my body whispers & sometimes shouts 'no' when something isn't good for humanity. I am a collective channel of judgment. My right ear is attuned acoustically & knows when something is 'off'.

As a projector with splenic awareness, I operate BEFORE thought. I speak truth in the NOW. I can only do this in a group situation where I am leading or in a one on one session. In a group situation where I am not leading, I lose my power as I am literally eating everyone's energy.

This is not 'my' life. This is 'the' life. We are all connected. I am here to serve those who ask & are ready to receive truth in the now. This is not for everyone. This is only for you if you are ready to receive truth now.

Vireo & Kundalini Dance

For the first several decades of my life, I lived out of my body, in the wallpaper. In January 2007 I was introduced to Kundalini Dance and answered the divine call immediately to become a Kundalini Dance Facilitator.

Vireo's Core Values

~ Seeing beauty, creation, magnificence & innocence in all beings & all things, here in the present moment.

Dedicated to Love

~ Only people who are hurting and crying out for love, hurt others. Everything is either love or a cry for love. Love is always the answer, no matter the question.


~ You may as well be yourself, everyone else is taken. Claim your self worth and personal value! Freedom to be your genuine unique best self in each moment and share your gifts with the world.

Connection & Community

~ Experience a sense of belonging. Feel supported, included, seen and respected in a safe and sacred space.


~ Pleasure, joy, ecstasy and bliss are your birthright. They are your natural state of Being.


~ Openheartedly seeing, respecting & honouring the pure goodness, sacredness & highest divine essence in all beings, all life. All life is sacred. YOU are sacred.

Vireo & Sacred Femininity
Vireo & Laughter Yoga