I am truly inspired by Vireo and the way she is able to move and express herself in a divine, authentic and truly powerful yet feminine way. Over the last 2 years of my Kundalini dance journey, Vireo has helped me to connect with my Goddess energy and express myself in ways I never thought were possible. I have been awakened to the truth of who I really am. Kundalini dance has transformed my life and it is a practice which I honour, respect and am passionate about. The sacredness of the group energy is amazing and the freedom I feel to dive into the depths of my beingness and connect to my soul is breathtaking. I am grateful that this journey has brought me to the place of acceptance of self, love of my feminine curves and embracing my divine, beautiful Goddessness. Thank-you Vireo for facilitating and creating a safe, fun, juicy and inspiring Kundalini dance series.

Charmaine Hamel