Yoni Eggs

When you purchase your Canadian Yoni Pleasure Egg from Dancing Pleasure Goddess™, you will receive:

• a certificate of authenticity to certify that your stone is 100% natural, genuine and contains no dyes or toxic chemicals. Each stone is carved and polished in accordance with recognized industry quality standard and is guaranteed for its high quality and workmanship in Canada.

• String (165 ft of unscented unwaxed dental floss) for your Yoni Pleasure Egg

• instructions for the care and use of your Yoni Pleasure Egg

• purple storage pouch for your Yoni Pleasure Egg

Yoni is Sanskrit word for vagina, vulva ~ that means ‘sacred passage’ or ‘cave of wonder.’

The Yoni Pleasure Egg is an ancient Taoist physical and spiritual practice to maintain the health of your yoni, womb, feminine energy and sexuality.

Once you have learned & become comfortable with your Yoni Pleasure Egg practice, I highly recommend reading my teacher Minke de Vos’ book “Tao Tantric Arts for Women” to support you in deepening your personal practice.

When I became trained as a Sacred Femininity Teacher, my mentors Minke de Vos & Shashi Solluna suggested using:

  • Obsidian Yoni Egg at the new moon
  • Rose Quart Yoni Egg at the full moon
  • Jade Yoni Egg anytime

During your menstrual cycle, it is recommended that you refrain from using your Yoni Egg as it can increase the flow of menstrual blood.

GST and (if applicable) $20/item shipping will be added to the posted price.

Priority given to women in my Sacred Pleasure Liberation Program.

Email info@pleasurecoachvireo.ca to make arrangements for pickup & also to communicate password info for e-transfers.


Some of the long term benefits of using your Yoni Pleasure Egg when combined with the support of my Sacred Pleasure Path Program (or one on one online private sessions):
• increase feeling & sensitivity in your entire yoni (numbness disappears while awareness & pleasure increase)
• clear blockages and stagnant ‘chi’ energy that are causing disconnect from your body & numbness in your yoni
• awaken your yoni and entire body to receive more pleasure
• reduces menstrual cramps
• experience lighter and shorter menstrual cycles
• clears old fears, guilt, stress, shame, etc
• enhances sexual energy & libido
• activates release of strong and vital hormones (squeezing the Yoni egg surges energy up through the glands & nourishes all of your vital organs and your entire body)
• massages the whole body from within (by massaging the reflexology zones of the vital organs within the yoni) & provides healing for your entire body
• strengthens your pelvic floor muscles of your vagina for a strong but relaxed yoni
• increased fertility
• tones the vaginal opening, canal and G-spot thus enhancing sexual pleasure and satisfaction
• tones the facial skin (a natural benefit of toning the uterus)
• clear old trauma (from sexual abuse, mass consciousness, being entered too quickly, unwanted touch, social programming around your sexuality)
• fully explore and awaken your authentic sexuality in a safe & sacred space
• train your yoni to experience and expand in deeper orgasm
• learn about the 9 different types of orgasms & awaken your yoni to experience them
• open to becoming multi orgasmic
• reduce risk of ovarian and breast cancer
• reduce risk of cysts on your ovaries & fibroids on your uterus
• increase the blood circulation in the yoni which improves the vaginal elasticity
• increase in pleasure & sensuality in life, in self pleasuring, in love making with partner
• increase in creativity
• expand your love making from physical intercourse to a more deeply satisfying spiritual sacred divine union
• celebrate a deep inner self love for your sensuality & your sacred temple ~ your feminine body
And for women like me who are in menopause, over time the Yoni Egg practice will help:
• keep your yoni well lubricated
• prevent sagging of organs (bladder, intestine, uterus & rectum) which can occur with aging
• lift the uterus up off of the bladder to prevent incontinence especially after childbirth (avoid surgery)
• reduce symptoms of menopause (example: hot flashes)
• continue to enhance your pleasure & open you even deeper in sacred union with your beloved and/or The Beloved.

I encourage you to treat yourself to my Sacred Pleasure Path Program. It is a 6 Session Intensive Masterclass (group sessions in Edmonton or private one on one available thru Skype ~ see events) that ensures that you have a positive, healing and successful experience with your Jade Yoni Egg rather than trying to learn alone from a book or online without immediate support. I tried to learn from a book and online and was left feeling very frustrated. During my 6 week Sacred Femininity Teacher Training in Thailand with Tao Tantric Arts, I learned a 6 session program to share with women who want to heal and awaken their sexual energy.