My weekend at Women’s Tantric Retreat was all that I had hoped for and more.

Before arriving at the retreat I’d been feeling burnt out, grouchy and out of alignment. Vireo shared some amazing exercises with us that healed so much in my life. I went there with so much baggage and left so much lighter. One thing I had been struggling with was feeling like I wasn’t good enough, not deserving enough. This was an issue that had been kicking my ass my whole life and in one powerful weekend, it was shifted. I also reconnected with my husband on a deeper level and that was unexpected! The loving support Vireo offers through her loving presence was just what was needed. The support of sisterhood and nature at its finest. I also have to express gratitude for the food. It was amazing to be cared for in that way. As a wife and mother, it’s a rare treat!

I also want to add that the transition from real world to paradise at the lake was noticeable from the very beginning when I turned off the highway and ventured down the gravel road, through the thick forest to the lake. Already I could breathe better and feel the surrounding peace. Nothing to do but just be. This descent to the lake would turn out to be very symbolic for me.

So much love and gratitude for this experience and for Vireo, walking beside me on this journey. I will definitely be visiting paradise again!

Melissa Korth

Women's Tantra Retreat May 26 to 28, 2017