Yoni Jade Egg & Breast Massage 6 week Intensive Program

In this 6 week intensive program, you will learn ancient Taoist Tantric practices that will help to heal your female sexual organs and prevent female problems such as cysts, fibroids, menstrual cramps, symptoms of menopause, etc. These practices will also support you in being preventative regarding female diseases such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cancer of the uterus.

In addition to helping you be preventative regarding your health, yoni egg practices will help you to strengthen your yoni as well as enhance your sex life.

Yoni is Sanskrit word for vagina, vulva ~ that means ‘sacred passage’ or ‘cave of wonder’

The Taoist believe that all disease is caused by stagnant ‘chi’, energy that is stuck in our bodies. Thru breath work, breast massage, micro cosmic orbit, yoni jade egg as well as other ancient sacred Taoist Tantric practices, you will clear old stagnant energy from your breasts, womb, ovaries and yoni.

As women we all carry old beliefs and sexual trauma (sometimes from past sexual abuse or simply a lover entering us before we were ready).  I was personally surprised that even though I have done lots of trauma release work over the past 15 years (EFT, Psych-K, Harmony Integration, Psychotherapy & more), I still had trauma in my yoni and was able to clear it with the Yoni Jade Egg practices!

Yoni means “Sacred Passage” or “Cave of Wonder”

The issues are stored in our tissues, in this case, our sexual organs. You will learn sacred womb breathing and womb clearing practices as well during Yoni Jade Egg experience.

These sacred practices will support you in becoming more able and empowered to live a juicier, more alive, sensual, juicy, creative, feminine and multi orgasmic life.






These Taoist practices will give you the power to expand your ability to receive pleasure, love, joy as well as increase your pleasure, sensuality, sexiness, including creating the space for you becoming multi orgasmic whether you are making love with yourself, the Divine, your partner or allowing life to penetrate you.

Some of the long term benefits of using your Yoni Egg:

  • more feeling & sensitivity in yoni (numbness disappears)
  • increase in pleasure & sensuality in life, in self pleasuring, in love making with partner
  • clear stagnant energy
  • clear old trauma (sexual abuse, trauma from mass consciousness, trauma from being entered too quickly, trauma from unwanted touch)
  • strengthen muscles of yoni
  • prevent cysts & fibroids
  • reduce menstrual cramps and other symptoms of menopause
  • increase in creativity
  • become multi orgasmic
  • increase in experiencing orgasm in self pleasuring & in love making with partner
  • experience different types of orgasm in self pleasuring & in love making
  • prevent sagging of organs (bladder, intestine, uterus & rectum) which can occur with aging

Investment in Your Yoni Egg Practice & Self Care

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Edmonton Location TBA

Starting date TBA shortly…. (if you have a safe, sacred space in your home & you would like me to travel to your home to offer… please email me…)

Or if you prefer, I, Vireo am available online to offer you this sacred practice ~ one on one via Skype over 6 week (private & sacred from the comfort of your home).

After several months or more of practicing, you might be surprised by the power & strength of your yoni! Who knows what you will be able to hold with your strengthened yoni muscles!

This is a practice which means you need to practice not just let your beautiful jade egg sit on your altar!  I encourage you to practice in between classes and embrace this practice as a lifelong practice.  The benefits you will experience over time are beyond words!

Or if you prefer, I, Vireo am available online to offer you this sacred practice ~ one on one via Skype over 6 week (private & sacred from the comfort of your home).



My Teachers (Minke de Vos & Shashi Solluna) Sacred Femininity Facilitator Training

Personally, thanks to Tao Tantric Arts during recent Sacred Femininity Teacher Training, 6 weeks in Thailand,  which included training in a 6 week Yoni Jade Egg practice, I experienced:

  • release of trauma in my yoni (that no other trauma release had released over the last 15 years)
  • expansion in my ability to receive pleasure
  • deepening in my multi orgasmic ability

Since returning home, I have continued with my jade egg practice, lots of self care, increased my doses of self love, increased my doses of love for others and am delighted to share that I am experiencing:

  • more feeling in my yoni
  • full body orgasms receiving a kiss from my beloved
  • full body orgasms while laughing
  • full body orgasms while in nature
  • full body orgasms while snuggling with my beloved & doing micro cosmic breathing (which I will teach you & we will practice during this program)
  • deeper & deeper full body orgasms with my beloved in our love making
  • easy release of trauma during love making with my beloved (from an experience that happened as I was leaving Thailand)

Email me if you have any questions or if you would like your name added to my list to inform you when my next Yoni Jade Egg Program is launched.

Yours in joyful service,

Dancing Pleasure Goddess™