Joy is your natural state of being!

Joy is your natural state of being!

Clouds cleared.  The sky opened up and the sun burst forth at the exact moment that my friend Aranka and I decided to hop into the kayaks and head to the south end of the lake.  Splendid reflections of the brilliant autumn colours spread across the surface of the lake inspiring awe in us and drawing us deeply into the present moment.  For several minutes we kayaked in silence on this perfect September day.  Our hearts were filled with the joy of being surrounded by such immense God inspired magnificence.  My camera snapped photo upon photo of the tremendous beauty all around me, including the radiance of my amazing friend Aranka.  Beauty always takes me home to mySelf.  Beauty brings me closer to God.

Suddenly Aranka insisted on taking photos of me.  The lake was still and placid.  My reflection on the lake captured my innocent beauty.  My laughter rippled around us.    There was no stopping it.    I laughed and laughed and laughed for no reason at all.  My uncontrollable laughter echoed and erupted across the lake.  I embodied joy. I was joy itself.  My inner beauty and laughter spilled and splashed playfully across the smooth surface of the water to Aranka, drawing her inward and activating her own joy.  Aranka magically captured me in a sweet moment of pure innocence.  I felt seen by her in my essence and beauty.  Together, we laughed at the simple joy of being alive.  Time dissolved.  We expanded in bliss & deepened our connection with ourselves, each other and God.  There are no words to capture the depth of oneness we felt with everything.  I laughed til I cried. Then I laughed some more.

Silently we paddled back to the cabin.  The moment our feet stepped onto the pier, clouds closed in and the sun disappeared.  A storm was on its way.  Our hearts were filled to overflow with gratitude for the synchronicity of God’s perfection.  This day will be forever etched in my heart.  This day will remind me always of the power, importance and healing of pure innocent laughter.

Ever since then, when I remember, I laugh for no reason.  Sometimes my laughter is inspired by the sweetness of the moment.  Sometimes when I am stuck in my head, I draw on my inner knowing and begin to make sounds of laughter.  I pretend to laugh until I am really laughing. From there it is effortless.  Take the time daily to laugh for no reason.  Laughter releases the body’s natural healing powers.  Laughter floods the body with feel good hormones called endorphins which relieve pain and reduce stress.  According to the Mayo Clinic, “Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain.”  (  Laughter also improves circulation, enhances relaxation and reduces stress.   In the long run laughter also has the power to decrease anxiety, counteract depression as well as boost the immune system.

Laughter is a natural purification. Laughter is the sweetest music of your soul.  Did you know that those who LAUGH more, also have lower blood sugar and lower blood pressure than those who laugh less?

So there are actually a lot of reasons to laugh!

I cry for no reason. I laugh for no reason. My laughter creates more space for deeper joy, for deeper connection which can show up as tears ~ tears of joy.  My tears cleanse and clear my heart and make space for more laughter.  Laughter and tears often blur and dissolve into each other.  I have learned that when people ask me, “Why are you laughing?” I smile and answer, “No reason!”  I remind them that I am not laughing at them.  My laughter is illogical.  My laughter has no reason. I am laughing for no reason!  Go ahead ~ laugh right now for no reason.  If it helps, you can download some free laughter tracks to inspire you.  I always find laughter inspires more laughter and becomes effortless.  I have a favourite laughter track cd that I keep nearby for moments when someone else’s laughter can help to draw out my own natural laughter.

Today I celebrate & honour my son Aidan who always inspires my laughter.  His sense of humour is a tremendous gift to me and to the world!

In deepest joy, laughter & joyful service,


Queen of Beauty, Authenticity, Love, Ecstasy, AbunDANCE, Joy & Surrender

Feb. 14, 2016

P.S. I wrote this on Valentine’s Day!  It seemed the most perfect gift to bless you with – LAUGHTER!  Laugh now!  Go download a free laughter track, watch a ridiculous comedy, listen to a teenager like my youngest son tell a joke, buy Tammy Lee’s “Laugh It Off” cd ~ do whatever you need to do to LAUGH!  It is good for your heart, body & soul!  Happy Valentine’s Day!