Sept 8-10, 2023 (near Bon Accord & Legal, Alberta)

Join us for the OM Retreat: A Journey Towards Healing, Connection, and Inner Harmony!

The 𝒪ℳ Retreat invites both the Masculine + Feminine to come together in sacred ceremonies & practices.

To heal, connect & raise our collective consciousness together.

I am excited to be one of the facilitators sharing about Sexual Health Matters on the Friday.

Sex, both solo and partnered, is meant to be fun as well as sacred – a pathway to the Divine, to Oneness. Most of us have so many unconscious blocks around pleasure. Be ready to transform those blocks and any shame or unconscious beliefs so that you can embrace your sexuality as natural, healthy & sacred.

Pleasure is your birthright and will help you to come home to your highest Self. Come learn what you don’t even know you don’t know about your sexuality. Let’s have fun talking about this taboo subject of sex!

OM Retreat, where the harmonious blend of Masculine and Feminine energies intertwine to create a sacred space for healing, connection, and a profound return hOMe. Set amidst the serene backdrop of nature’s embrace, this wellness retreat presents an opportunity unlike any other to rediscover the true essence of who you are.In a world that often pulls us away from our authentic selves, the OM Retreat acts as a soothing balm for our souls.

Encircled by the tranquil beauty of nature, you will find solace as you embark on a voyage of self-discovery and growth. Here, we provide you with a safe haven to regulate your nervous system, offering respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Immerse yourself in a blissful sanctuary that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our carefully curated program offers a plethora of transformative experiences designed to help you find joy and peace within. From mindful practices to soul-nourishing activities, every element has been thoughtfully woven together to cultivate a sense of inner harmony.During your time with us, allow the Masculine and Feminine energies to guide you on a journey towards profound healing and connection.

Explore the depths of your being as you engage in heart-opening conversations, gentle yet invigorating movement sessions, and soul-stirring meditation practices.

Our expert facilitators will gently support and guide you as you peel back the layers to reveal your authentic self.The OM Retreat goes beyond a typical wellness escape; it is an invitation to rediscover the essence of your being, to unravel the knots that bind you, and to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit.

By participating in our transformative workshops and immersive activities, you will create lasting shifts in your life and carry the holistic tools acquired during your time with us far beyond the retreat’s conclusion.

Join us at the OM Retreat and embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. Step away from the chaos of the world and embrace a sanctuary that nurtures your spirit, rejuvenates your body, and replenishes your soul. Together, let us create an oasis of healing, connection, and a return hOMe to a place of peace, joy, and profound happiness.

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