Rainy day. Pause. Breathe. Slow down. Go within & strengthen your connection with yourSelf, with God...

Rainy day. Pause. Breathe. Slow down. Go within & strengthen your connection with yourSelf, with God…

Breathe deeply 1 to 3 times.  Pause. Fill up with each inhale, consciously.  Empty with each exhale, consciously.  Slow down. Breathe again. It will either instantly bring you home to yourSelf, to peace, to God or it will bring any tension in your body to your attention.  For me, any tension in my body is a signal to me that I am or have somehow disconnected from Source.  I am no longer in total alignment with Divine will.  I have strayed from my purpose, my path.   Sometimes, this simple pause and conscious awareness is enough to re-align you with Source.

On the rainy day afternoon that I wrote this, I lay down, took a moment to pause, breathed, checked in and did a quick scan of my body.  I noticed tension in my upper back, the back of my heart chakra.  An indication that on some level I wasn’t completely trusting and allowing myself to be supported by the Universe.  On some level, I was struggling and resisting.  I breathed into the tension, consciously intending to allow mySelf to be supported by the Universe, to be held.  I softened my body and allowed my body to rest and fall more completely into the arms of the Divine, the Cosmic Universe. Within minutes the tension had dissolved.  I asked my ongoing Divine practice question “What would you have me do to God?” or “What is Divine intended for me to do now?”  I was guided to write this.

The Tibetans use a bell randomly rung to invite you to pause & take 3 conscious breaths.  Find your own simple reminder to pause and breathe.  Place sticky notes that say “Pause & Breathe Now” in your car, on your desk, etc. Creating pauses throughout your day and consciously breathing will allow you to be here now, to experience deeper joy and to align your will with Divine will.

If you are struggling or having challenges hearing God amidst the noise of your mind, your ego, allow me to support you in shifting from struggling to being directly plugged in to Source.  Go to www.dancingpleasuregoddess.ca to sign up for my FREE montly news/blog or my report “3 Mistakes Nurturing Women & Moms make that keep them Dull, Drained & Disconnected.”


In joyful service & deep gratitude,


Dancing Pleasure Goddess™

Rainy Day Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Amisk Lake, Alberta, Canada