Rewrite your past stories & source your life from your powerful feminine center.You’ve done lots of healing and yet still find yourself spiraling in past painful stories and unable to show up as your empowered self.  You may be experiencing numbness, shame or inability to feel deep pleasure, joy, & ecstasy

Reclaim your femininity & your birthright to pleasure.

“Rebirth Your Feminine & Become Your Own Heroine” is for women of all ages regardless of relationship status.

During this full day of powerful guided practices you will become more confident & :

  • Transform past painful experiences
  • Access your strengths, gifts and possibilities for your present and future
  • Reclaim your birthright to pleasure
  • Experience better intimacy with your current or future partner.
  • Piece together the layers of your past little girl, feminine and sexual self
  • Live your life from a place of wholeness as an empowered sensual woman
  • Claim your right to healthier, happier intimate relationships starting with yourself.
  • Discover your Super-Heroines & express yourself more authentically
  • Confidently own your sexuality & access the power of your feminine.

I am offering this to 44 women, 22 online & 22 in person (Edmonton).

In the past, participant investment in this workshop was $197.

The November 19 event is my complimentary gift in support of women who are in crisis in our community.

$22 holds your spot.

All proceeds & any additional funds (pay what you can) will be donated to Terra. Terra is a non-profit organization, in Edmonton, that provides supports and services that empower teen parents to succeed.

Those of you currently in my ongoing Pleasure Program, $11 to hold your spot.

Pleasure Coach Vireo is an expert in the area of sacred femininity & sacred sexuality. She has been empowering women to feel confident in their female bodies since 2008. Her clients call her “The Shame Buster”.

Vireo Karvonen is a licensed Belief Re-patterning® Practitioner and Sacred Sexuality Coach who has been supporting and empowering women for well over a decade. She specializes in shame busting around taboo subjects like sex, grief, suicide & pooh.

She is a also a Positive Self Talk coach, bestselling author and speaker. In March 2020, her chapter “Transforming That Shame” was published in compilation “From Shadows to Light: A Whole Human Approach to Mental Health”.

December 2022, her chapter “Being My Own Heroine & Living in Ecstasy” was published in compilation “Divine Feminine Awakening” & also became a bestseller on Amazon.