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I just posted a video blog on my Facebook Dancing Pleasure Goddess page where I shared about breath and the benefits and vital importance of deep breathing.  Empower yourself through deeper breathing. Did you know that we are the only mammal that holds its breath when we are stressed, anxious or afraid?  All other animals,breathe, actually many animals pant, faster & deeper in the face of ‘perceived’ or potential danger.  This supplies more oxygen to the brain, calms the mind, relaxes the body and allows time to respond instead of reacting.  Our BREATH is our most powerful ally, our most vital tool and a gift of life that can bring us deeper into the present moment.  Check out my video blog by clicking on the link below.

The Power of the Breath ~Vireo Live On Facebook

Your breath has the power to:

  • calm you
  • help you let go of tension & worry on your exhale
  • oxygenate your blood
  • drop you from your worried mind into your body
  • slow down your heart rate
  • bring you deeper into the present moment
  • expand your energy, help you access your intuition
  • give you space & time to access your inner power
  • avoid fight, flight or freeze panic modes
  • make you more able to respond rather than react
  • improve your love making & more

In my upcoming Women’s Tantric Retreat we will be learning powerful, healing & transformative Taoist Tantric breath practices.  Check out “Upcoming Events.”

I encourage you to check out your local yoga class (one that is more flowing, feminine & yin style is, in my opinion, better for us as women), Tai Chi or Qigong as they focus on the breath. Women who live in Boyle & Amisk Lake area, click this link to find out about my upcoming qigong class at my friend Marcia’s home.  If you live in Edmonton, stay tuned as I will be offering monthly breath and movement classes as well as a 6 week Yoni Jade Egg & Breast Massage Intensive.

Yours in joyful service,


Vireo Karvonen
Dancing Pleasure Goddess™