Morning sun kissing

Morning sun kissing…everything…

The early morning sun softly slipped through the large window when I gently pulled back the soft black shear curtains to let the light into my one room cabin.  My instant reflex to beauty kicked in, with no mind or effort.  I am taken immediately outside with my camera.  The lens of my camera is drawn to the sweet mystical light of the dawn gently lighting up the autumn colours.  I am in awe with this artistic masterpiece of the divine that surrounds me this morning.

I never feel “alone” or “lonely” when I am wrapped in nature. The entire universe is my lover this morning and most mornings.  The beauty of the rippled sunlight softly kissing everything awake, including me.  The magic of the morning mist awakens something deep within me.  The merging of light, air and water playfully stirs a remembering deep within my soul.  My heart is cracked wide open by this immense beauty, this magnificence. Tears of joy roll down my cheeks.  I remember.

Like a lover sweetly caressing the curves & supple skin of his beloved, the mist moves silently along the surface of the lake water. The mist plays, tickles and flows over the moistness of the calm lake.  Water, mist & light mingling and merging, dissolving into each other.  A sweet morning reunion.

Close your eyes. Breathe in slowly. Let the morning sun softly kiss your face. Feel the warmth of the sun kissing you. Allow the warmth of the sun to penetrate your heart. Offer a prayer & gratitude for this new day. You are alive!
sun kissing...

sun kissing…

I have taken hundreds of photos of this view and I never tire of it.  No two sunrises are the same.  This scene changes moment to moment throughout the day and with every season. I am so blessed.  May these photos nourish your soul and call you to go be in nature, to take care of yourSelf and be nourished body, soul, mind & spirit. I encourage you (French word “coeur” – from my heart) to get up early and meet the sunrise and feel it kissing your face… I would love to see a YES if this served you in some way, or in remembering…  I love you <3


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