Vireo – Thank you so much for offering this series! It has been my anchor throughout these last few months, giving me the strength to stay grounded in faith in myself amidst challenging transitions.

I’ve remembered that I have access to Bliss inside me, at every moment.

I’ve deepened in my ability to put my self first in my life, and to trust that others will have the guidance they need, to remember that I can only be responsible for myself – no one else.

I love your passion and authenticity. I admire your courage to be vulnerable, and the faith you have in your intuition. I resonate with you – the potency of your words always guides me to deeper layers of opening. I can feel so strongly how much you care, and it is such a precious gift that you offer the world.

This series also expanded my experience of my sacral chakra feeding my throat chakra, I tapped into a new part of my voice, and it felt super powerful.

Violet Rae