Did you know when we suffer from blocked energy it places us at risk for developing diseases and we become more prone to developing mood disorders, like breast cancer and depression? Daily rituals are crucial in maintaining the balanced flow of energy to improve your body’s overall wellbeing and prevent these blockages.

I am delighted to share with you one super quick, very playful ritual:

It’s called Happy Boobies and it’s all about bringing movement to your body to raise your vibrations and to unstick blocks in chi (life force energy). This exercise acts as a natural antidepressant by releasing Dopamine and Oxytocin which will make you feel happier and healthier while improving your breast health and reducing your risk of cancer!


Happy Boobies

Watch the video above for a demonstration.

Step One: Begin in a standing position with your back straight.

Step Two: Begin bouncing your beautiful breasts and body up and down. You can hold onto your breasts to support them, pushing them upwards.
Note: You will find the most benefit in this exercise if you aren’t wearing a bra. If you feel more comfortable wearing one, choose a bra that has no underwire.

Step Three: Continue bouncing for a minute or however long you desire, really being mindful and getting your energy flowing.

Step Four: Stop and take a moment to feel the difference. What do you notice in your heart and in your breasts after this ritual? Be mindful of this while taking deep, cleansing breaths.

Step Five: Enjoy the rest of your day feeling more balanced, happier and healthier!  

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