Has perfectionism ever stopped or blocked you? Well up until the other night, perfectionism had unknowingly paralyzed me from launching my new website & services. I kept revising it and unconsciously needing it to be perfect & well, that was setting myself up to lose & never launch it. Of course, I was unaware of all this until I suddenly realized that I had delayed the launch date of my website for the umpteenth time.

So last Sunday evening in the wee hours, way past my bedtime, I decided to use my tried & trusted Belief Re-patterning tool to shift that perfectionism to something that served me better & allowed me to move forward.

The Universe gave me ‘in process’.

I am always growing & so is my business & therefore my website will always be evolving too.

What would you like to transform from having to be perfect to allowing ‘in process’?

I invite you to use my Belief Re-patterning steps below. If you would like some guidance, follow along with my video in which I lead you thru these powerful steps, developed by Suze Casey, the founder & author of Belief Re-patterning, who I am blessed to be trained by in this powerful amazing technique.


Re-pattern ‘perfectionism’ to ‘in process’ (video)

Grab glass of water, have some protein & take a deep breath in thru your nose & out thru your mouth (after you repeat each statement!

I forgive myself for believing…
~ that I need to stay in this state of perfectionism, of needing to be ‘perfect’. It doesn’t serve me. It keeps me stuck. I don’t like it.
I am so grateful for that perfectionism because it is allowing me to move toward allowing myself to be ‘in process’.
I give myself permission to let go of perfectionism & move toward ‘in process’ I can choose to focus on being perfect… OR I can choose to allow myself to be ‘in process’. I can’t do both….So I chose to expand in allowing myself to be ‘in process’.
I am free to allow myself to be ‘in process’ today when I input the names and email addresses of new connections to my contact list (replace with your own).
I know what it feels like to allow myself to be ‘in process’, it happened when I decided to become a Belief Re-patterning Practitioner on July 8, 2017. (Replace with your own).
I am in process & I love it! (I am allowing in process & I love it!)
BEing ‘in process’ allows me to be who I really am.

Did my Belief Re-patterning serve you? If no, what would you like Belief Re-patterning support around?  If yes, how did it serve?  Your comments are like sweet nectar for my soul. Thanks in advance.

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