Your Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Tip:

Gather Spruce Tips

Have you ever tried spruce tips? These bright green tips of the spruce tree are a hidden gem, packed with vitamin C, beta carotene, and even protein. They’re only available for a brief period in spring, so now’s the perfect time to gather some.

Spruce tips aren’t just nutritious—they’re versatile too! You can:

  • Eat them raw (they taste like candy!).
  • Add them to your smoothies.
  • Use them in a relaxing bath.
  • Steam them for oily skin care.

For more ideas, check out The Boreal Herbal by Beverly Gray, a fantastic resource on wild food and medicinal plants of the north.

Get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and gather some spruce tips! Don’t forget to share your photos and tell me how you use them in the Sacred Pleasure Path Sisterhood Facebook Group

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Wishing you health and joy!

See you next week!