Your Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Tip:

Increase Your Intimacy!

Increase your Intimacy – ‘Into Me See’ by looking in the mirror and talking kindly to yourself AND by joining the Soul Intimacy Summit & our session on Saturday entitled: “Breaking Chains: Healing the Past & Creating S3xual Wellness” (and all of the other amazing speakers & facilitators who will share tools & insights with you to deepen your intimacy).

In our session & interview with my friend Sherrie, you will have an opportunity to break those chains that have blocked your intimacy and kept you locked into painful past trauma. VI will guide you in transforming your self-talk around situations that were hurtful so that you can quiet those voices in your head and create a more empowering story that is kinder to yourself. A new story that will allow you to heal, increase your self-respect, and become your own best ally through developing resilience to help you expand into intimacy, starting with yourself.

Let’s find a way to use those past experiences as fertilizer to nourish your growth and well-being. Join me and Sherrie as we support YOU in moving through past traumas and creating the healthy s3xual future you desire & deserve.

I encourage you to click on the button below & register for free & join LIVE as many of the intimacy sessions as you are able. (You can also upgrade to VIP & have access to all of the recordings for the next year, a chance to win $500 towards a speaker of your choice & tons of gifts from all of us speakers).

​Yes, I want more INTIMACY!

Your intimacy matters (which is why I had to share this event here, embedded in your Tantric Tuesday Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Moment so that you didn’t miss out).

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