Your Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Tip:

Learn & sing & play mantras!

Today, I wanted to share a beautiful tip with you. I made this video a few days before it snowed at my cabin. It has brought me immense joy and connection with the divine.

Mantras can uplift your soul, remove obstacles, and connect you to your inner self. My dear sister, Tiffany Sparrow, introduced me to this incredible practice on her birthday, October 8th, and it has been a transformative experience.

I highly recommend checking out Tiffany Sparrow’s music on Spotify, and if you love it as much as I do, consider purchasing her music to support artists who don’t receive much from streaming platforms.

One of my favorite mantras is the two-chord Ganesha mantra, a call-and-response chant that you can sing along with. It’s a profound practice that activates pleasure in your body.

If you have any mantras with 2, 3, or 4 chords or any favorite mantras, please share them with me in our Sacred Pleasure Path Sisterhood Facebook Group. Let’s exchange our spiritual insights and connect through the power of mantras.

** Note: Remember to answer the questions and agree to the rules for joining the Facebook group and for a safe community.

Remember, pleasure is your birthright, and nurturing is essential for your well-being. Stay tuned for more posts on this topic in the coming weeks.

Stay blessed and connected to the divine.