Your Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Tip:

Mindful Simple Finger Stroking Practice!

I have come up today with a simple but powerful practice for you! And it is called Mindful Simple Finger Stroking Practice.

Here is how to do it, take the index finger of one hand and slowly run it through the index finger of the other hand in an upward and downward direction noticing all the riches and all the bumps and focusing on the breath. Do it a few times for 30 secs.

Once done with the index finger, take your other hand and run it up and down with all the fingers by closing your eyes. I highly recommend doing this practice for a minute or two every morning!

It will help you to calm down and get out of your mind and into your body to attain more pleasure!

Let me know how you feel about it inside our Sacred Pleasure Path Sisterhood Facebook Group!

See you next week!