The vibrant, colourful, beauty of nature is calling to welcome you to rejuvenate your body, your mind, your life!

I had the privilege to visit Portugal while practicing Sacred Femininity, and the stunning natural beauty of the country moved me! I was inspired to take moments to be present in nature, to connect with my inner feminine and to breathe in the power of Mother Earth. It was a magical experience that allowed me to feel the sacredness and pleasure of life.

Those moments were so blissful for me, that I wanted you to experience them too with an easy and fun exercise that can be done from anywhere!

Discover how you can tap into the energy of nature and the pleasure of life with this easy practice:

The Power of Being a Beauty Seeker

Step One: Find a place in nature; whether that be flowers or trees, the sun and the sky, or anywhere that reminds you of the natural beauty of Mother Earth. 

Step Two: Breathe in the beauty! Draw in the fresh air, the energy that is present, and squeeze your Yoni (Sandscript for female genitals). 

Step Three: Draw the energy and beauty all the way up to your heart. Open yourself to the sacredness and pleasure of life and to Source.

Step Four: Ask yourself what you appreciated in that moment and notice what you felt after the exercise! Did you feel the sacredness? The connection? The pleasure?

This is an excellent exercise that will open you to your inner feminine. It’s such a beautiful and easy practice, and I know it will serve you well.

May you get drunk on beauty!