Your Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Tip:

The Sack of Sorrows

Today, I wanted to share a transformative practice called the “Sack of Sorrows.” It’s a technique associated with Jesus Christ, so it’s Christ consciousness, aimed at letting go of burdens and finding inner peace.

In this practice, you visualize standing by a river, preferably with moving water. In your mind, you locate a sack called the “Sack of Sorrows.” As you identify things that are weighing you down—hurts, sadness, or any burdens—you symbolically place them into the sack. You can verbalize your thoughts as you do this, acknowledging each weight you’re releasing.

The next step involves tossing the sack into the river, either in your imagination or through a physical act like writing down your concerns and discarding them. The concept is about surrendering these burdens, letting go, and trusting a higher power to take care of them.

I’ve found this practice to be incredibly freeing, especially for things beyond our control. It creates space for joy and pleasure in our lives, which is particularly important during the holiday season when sorrows and hurts may be more pronounced.

I encourage you to try the “Sack of Sorrows” practice and see how it resonates with you, let me know your experience inside the Sacred Pleasure Path Sisterhood Facebook group! Your pleasure matters, and by releasing what no longer serves can make room for a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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See you next week!