Are you feeling some strong emotions right now?
Are you fighting back feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, annoyance, or overwhelm?
Do you want to overcome these emotions so that you can continue to embrace your pleasure?

Let’s dive in and unpack these emotions with…

Your Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Tip:

​ Feel it to Free it!

Sometimes the best way to deal with powerful emotions is to take them on and feel them fully, but without lingering with them.

I know this can be difficult to do when your first instinct may be to run from them, numb them, ignore them or even hold onto them! However, taking just two minutes to feel your emotions fully can really help you let them go and experience relief. And doing so will also help you strengthen your emotional resilience.

Try it this week whenever you encounter an emotion like anger, frustration, sadness or overwhelm. Take a few moments to experience the emotion fully, then let it go.

Wondering if this might be challenging for you? Don’t worry!

Try practicing this Pleasure Tip with a friend or loved one who can support you through it. It may make letting go of your emotions easier when you feel the love and acceptance of someone close to you.