Join me as I guide you through a fun and simple hand massage using Hand Reflexology! This week we’ll focus on quieting your mind and nourishing your heart!

Your Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Tip:

Give Yourself a Hand Massage!

Massaging Your Hand Step-By-Step:

1) The Massage Technique For this massage we will be using circular and up and down motions with your fingers. Press lightly or apply any amount of pressure that feels good to you. It may also feel good to have a little bit of lube or lotion.

2) Begin With Your Heart Meridian (Pinky Finger) Beginning at the tip of your pinky finger, use those circular or up and down movements to massage down your finger, going as fast or slow as you desire. Continue massaging downwards into the palm of your hand and repeat the process.

​3) Finding & Massaging Your Spirit Gate – To find your Spirit Gate, let’s draw an imaginary line. Take your pointer finger on your other hand and place it on the tip of your pinky finger. Next, draw a straight line down your pinky finger and into your palm, stopping when you reach the crease in your wrist. Here at the base of the wrist is where your Spirit Gate it located! Using whatever motion feels best to you, massage your Spirit Gate.
​The Benefits of Massaging Here: This is an excellent way to quiet your mind, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and it even helps lessen insomnia by soothing your thoughts. Massaging your Spirit Gate will also help regulate your emotions which will bring you more happiness!

4) Find & Massage Your Heart Pressure Point – Your Heart Pressure Point is located on the crease of your wrist, right beside your Spirit Gate. Imagine a line being drawn starting from between your ring and pinky finger, down the palm of your hand and stopping at the base of your wrist. This is where your Heart Pressure Point is! In any way that feels nurturing, continue with your massage.
​The Benefits of Massaging Here: Gifting yourself a Heart Pressure Point massage is so nourishing to your heart and can even reduce your risk of heart disease.

5) Don’t Forget Your Other Hand! – Once you’ve finished your first hand, do the same massage on the other side!

6) Finished! – By gifting yourself a hand massage for just 2 minutes a day, you are inviting so many benefits into your life. You will reduce your stress, clear your mind, sleep better, nurture your heart, and experience more happiness and joy!