Are you wondering how to improve your outlook on life and become more optimistic?

Your Weekly Bite Sized Pleasure Tip:

​The Power of Writing a Gratitude Journal

Dr. Robert Emmons at the University of California conducted a study and found that people who kept a daily and weekly gratitude journal were more optimistic than the control group who didn’t.

When you take time to reflect on what you are grateful for, you are expanding your pleasure and improving your mood by focusing on the positives instead of dwelling on the things that don’t serve you. Gratitude journals can also support you in hard times by helping you meditate on the things that give you joy, which can help nourish your mind and body.

Let me know if you’re willing to keep a gratitude journal, and then reach out to me and let me know if you notice yourself becoming more optimistic. Share your thoughts and a picture of your journal in the Sacred Pleasure Path Sisterhood Facebook Group